Sunday, September 2, 2012

Top Six Highest Paying Gpt Sites Online 2013!!!!

My first pick is most likely the most popular gpt site ever!...I myself make an average of $10 daily with this site. What I like most able this site is their referral program! It pays 50 cents once your U.S. and U.K. referral confirms their email. You get the other 50 cents once they complete their 1st offer. They also pay from 10 cents- 1 cent for all other countries referrals plus you get 15% of all your referrals earnings! But a gpt site is not only about its referral program they have tons of offers and that's how most of the members there make they're $$$! They pay daily and offer payments by: Checks, Paypal, Payza/Alertpay, Liberty Reserve, Amazon gift cards, Walmart gift and much more!   JOIN HERE!                                           My next pick is absolutely the highest paying gpt site I've ever joined in my life! Let me explain. You get $1 once your referral confirms their email, $2 once your referral completes their 1st offer, than $5 once your referral request payment! That's $8 for a single referral so making money with this won't be hard! They also have many offers you can complete and you get a $5 signup bonus! Click Below! Free Money at FusionCash!   JOIN HERE!                                           My next pick is another good choice if you want a legit gpt site with a high paying referral program! You will get a $5 signup bonus and you will earn $1 per referral and minimum payout is at $20 which is better than fusion cash's $25 minimum payout but far worst than cashle's $1 minimum cashout and $5 for checks. But I personally like seeing my money mature into at lease 3 digits so that's not a problem for me! In addition to $1 per referral they also give you 25% of your referrals earnings which is better than cashle's 15% of referrals earning which make this more worth while if your more into referring than completing offers like me! They offer Daily payouts through Checks, Direct Deposit, Paypal, Amazon gift cards, Walmart gift cards. Their payment options are better than fusions cash's payout by Checks, Direct Deposit, Paypal. Bottom Line Checks, Direct Deposit, are favorites                      JOIN HERE!                          My next pick is a fairly newer gpt site but like with most popular gpt sites they offer a $5 signup bonus and they pay you $1 once your referral completes their 1st offer and you get 10% of your referrals earnings! Also for your very (1st referral ONLY) to reach $20 (which is minimum payout) you get an additional $5 added to you account. Fusion cash pays you $5 every time all of your refs cash's out but I am not complaining because most other gpt sites don't give a $5 bonus when your referrals get paid! They offer payments by Checks and Paypal and need a $20 to cashout! Join Here UniqueRewards - online rewards program                       JOIN HERE!                        My last pick is another fairly newer gpt site most likely the newest gpt site listed on here...They pay $1 per U.S. referral and and 5% of your referrals earnings. They have a lot to do on this site and you can earn points for playing games ect...Their payment options are $1 minimum for Liberty Reserve ,$10 for money order, $1 for serve card/account, and $20 for paypal. If you like to complete offers this is the site for you! With over 40 pages of offers to complete you can get paid today! Join Here   JOIN HERE!                                             If this helped you in any way please click one, a few or all of them and confirm your email and complete 1 offer!  Keep in mind my monthly income for all of these combined is over $400 every month! These are all legit sites that paid me and thousands of others and they are completely free to join! I will keep this list updated so good luck and I hope you make some good money with these sites!JOIN HERE! 


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